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Brand Name Importing


Brand Name Importing  

Aztech Purchasing and Quality Assurance travel the world to locate the very best in quality and value for the brand name base products we use in our operations.  As new sources or countries emerge as leaders in nut manufacturing we follow those trends. 


Warehouse Distribution
Significant inventories of just the right parts to meet the fluctuating demands of our diverse customer base.  A well developed MRP system with safety stock, coupled with overview from sales and purchasing assures our 98+% on time shipping history.


Precision Secondary Manufacturing
Locknuts are Engineered Fasteners.  The most critical aspects of the product are machined or stamped into the locknuts in our Aurora Facility by skilled operators using highly technical equipment. 



Because we have a direct communication with Aztech, they have an accurate feel for our company culture, fit and loyalty.

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